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Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast, explores the morals, meanings, and messages in every episode of Star Trek.

Sep 21, 2023

Is this episode about a wife killer...or about a wife who is a killer?  Gene-ology cross-examines the "Wife Killer" episode of Mr. District Attorney from 1954.

Guest starring John Krikorian as Paul Garrett and Mike Richards as Clingham.

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Sep 14, 2023

Gene-ology kicks off its deep dive into the early TV work of Gene Roddenberry with his first sold TV script, the "Defense Plant Gambling" episode of Mr. District Attorney from 1954.

Guest starring Mark Stablein as Macauley and Jonathan Woodward as Zaratt.

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Sep 7, 2023

The Mission Log family tree has a new branch, exploring the TV writing works of Gene Roddenberry starting with his earliest script sale.  Rod Roddenberry drops in to discuss the coming deep dive into the archives, including scripts that were never produced.  Buckle in and get ready for Gene-ology.

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Aug 31, 2023

Live from the Roddenberry stage at STLV, an assembled panel of scientists and enthusiasts look at the line between science and pseudoscience and how understanding the difference will help us achieve a better future. Join Dr. Kayla Iacovino, Dr. Mohamed Noor, Meredith Mikell, James Kerwin, and host John Champion for...

Aug 24, 2023

While the combined SAG and WGA strike continues to impact entertainment production, Mission Log welcomes two special guests: writer Bill Wolkoff and actor Michelle Hurd. They help us to understand the complexities of the strike and its relevance to us as the audience.

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